Sara Muir Real Estate

Established in 1994 Sara Muir Real Estate quickly became recognized as the leading small boutique agency south of the river. Our professional hands on approach, ability to provide after hours service and going above and beyond our normal duties ensures we hold the number one position in this niche market place.

Providing both sales and property management our friendly team are always willing to discuss your real estate needs. With a highly experienced Sales Team, Sara Muir Real Estate is the one to call whether you are buying or selling.


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Sara Muir

Founder / Licensee / Sales Drector

Sara is an enthusiastic and energetic salesperson and ensures good communication at all times. Her vast experience in all facets of real estate, ranging from villas to rural properties, ensures that she can provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure the best deal possible for her clients.

Sara has worked in real estate for many years and established Sara Muir Real Estate in 1994 as she had noticed a growing need for a small boutique real estate company.
Sara and her team have successfully achieved her goal of establishing a company that would provide a personalised, hands-on service in real estate.

Sally Duckford

Senior Property Consultant

With over 15 years of retail experience and a successful career with the education department, Sally is now a senior property manager at Sara Muir Real Estate. Her attention to detail and commitment to her role ensure that she provides exceptional service to all clients. As a mother of 7 and grandmother of six, Sally understands the importance of managing properties with care and diligence. Enrolled in the diploma of Real Estate, Sally is always expanding her knowledge to better serve her clients. Choose Sally for your property management needs today!

Brooke Lee-Ann

Assistant to Sales and Property Management

Driven by passion and fueled by ambition, I thrive in the fast-paced world of real estate. As a single mother of two, I know what it takes to go above and beyond for my clients. With years of experience in retail and hospitality, I bring a unique perspective to property management. Join me on this exciting journey as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry together. Let’s make your dreams a reality!

April Hunt

Office Administration

Hi, I’m April. I’m highly motivated and always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. Real estate has been an area of interest for me, and I’ve used it as a way to expand my horizons in business and finance. When I’m not working on real estate projects, I love getting out into nature and exploring the great outdoors. It’s always exciting to see what new experiences await me!

Michael Bronze

Assistant to Sales and Property Management

Your trusted property manager with a passion for fitness and animals. With years of experience in retail, I have an eye for detail and love problem-solving to keep your property in top shape. Approachable, diligent, and organized – I’ll keep your investment thriving. Let’s work together to keep your property happy and healthy!

Lyn Lams

Senior Property Consultant

Lyn is a very talented property specialist with great enthusiasm , professionalism , expertise and has a passion for helping people whether it be selling, buying or investing in property. Lyn has a wealth of experience and knowledge with a friendly personality High intrigrity and keeping clients for life.

Lyn is from a corporate background and previous customer service and has made the transition to Real Estate where she has actively been involved in building, buying and selling her own properties over the years, She lives and works Southern areas of Perth over 20 years, her service is impeccable including working long hours for her clients to achieve the best outcome in their real estate transactions her motto is to achieve the best you have to be the best and do the best for the clients and they biggest assets. she is very passionate in interior decorating and can assist her Clients in the selling process and her Focus is to achieve above market price and she has always done so despite where the Property market predicts.

In addition she speaks a second Indian language which can be a great help in this fast paced Industry 
Lyn enjoys sport , nature , art, cooking and spending time with friends and family